Give your blog a voice.

Automatically turn your blog posts from text to speech in seconds with the help of the AI-powered HubSpot integration.

Powered by Voice

Make better of your blog.

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Enhance accessibility

With an audio version of the posts, your blog expands your audience, reaching more people with special needs.

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Increase engagement

Having both text & audio makes it more enjoyable to interact with your content matching various user preferences.

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retention rate

Addressing users' both practical and emotional needs gives them reasons to come back for your content again & again.

Use case
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  • HR & Recruitment
  • Global
  • English

Embedded recruitment provider

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Curate your Voice's look & feel.

Voice offers basic settings to set up the player on the page. You choose its location and stylize colors to fit your brand identity.

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Use case
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  • Marketing
  • US
  • English

B2B marketing agency

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Sound in your own language.

Voice provides text-to-speech generations in nine languages: English, Español, Deutsch, Français, Italiano, Dansk, Português, Polski, Українська.

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Use case
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  • Services
  • Chile
  • Spanish

Corporate service provider

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